Eyal Bergmann, B.Sc.

I am interested in the evolutionary processes that make the human brain special relative to other species, and the developmental processes that underlie the unique brain organization of individuals. My research combines fMRI in awake and behaving mice with cellular biology tools such as optogenetics and chemogenetics. Using these tools I seek to characterize and manipulate the functional organization of different systems in the mouse brain, examine its behavioral relevance, and directly compare the results to human fMRI data. This integrative approach aims to identify conserved and divergent brain systems across species, and examine different factors that contribute to individual differences in brain organization and behavior.


2010-2013: B.Sc. in Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Technion
2014-present: M.D./Ph.D. program, Faculty of Medicine, Technion


Bergmann E., Zur G., Bershadsky G., & Kahn I. (2016). The Organization of Mouse and Human Cortico-Hippocampal Networks Estimated by Intrinsic Functional Connectivity. Cerebral Cortex doi:10.1093/cercor/bhw327. Abstract | HTML | PDF