Ben Shofty, M.D.

ShoftyThe goal of my research program is to develop a platform that will enable to characterize the functional effects of the NF1 gene mutation on the central nervous system in the intact animal longitudinally over the days and months that these systems develop. Using cutting edge imaging technologies that allows for imaging of NF1 mice in the exact same way that we image our patients at the hospital (what we call a translational bridge), we have discovered a fundamental defect in a cerebral macro-circuit that we believe is responsible for the cognitive phenotype of NF1 patients. This finding represents a major breakthrough in translational neuroscience as it allows for the rapid development of targeted therapies for a group of neurological diseases, and conditional that we were not able to model and translate to humans before the development of our functional imaging methods.


2006-2008: B.Sc. in Medical Sciences, Tel Aviv University
2009-2012: M.D., Tel Aviv University


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